Egilsstaðir (Fljótsdlshérað) is located in the heart of East-Iceland in the broad valley of Fljótsdalshérað. Dense population can be found in Eiðar and Hallormsstaður but the largest rural district is Egilsstaðir/Fellabær, the only full-scale town in Fljótsdalshérað.

This core is the communication- and service centre of East Iceland. The main occupations include light industry, various services, supermarkets and stores, tourism, and agriculture; while handcraft shops of the area are widely know.

A diverse educational service is available the area in musical schools, nursery schools, elementary- and high schools and college. Egilsstaðir supports and attractive swimming pool, well-equipped gymnasium, modern outdoor sports field and a nine hole golf course.

Regular sightseeing excursions are available, as well as hiking tours on marked trails. The skiing area in Stafdalur is open during the winter. A local drama club, opera studio, jazz club are examples of the fertile cultural life in Egisstaðir.

The Museum Centre reflects the history of the area. A first class hotel, summer-time lodging, farm accommodation, and coffee and guesthouses make the traveler's stay comfortable.

An important attraction is the glacially hollowed Lake Lögurinn, which empties into to the wide bay Héraðsflói through Lagarfljót River.

The ship Lagarfljótsormurinn is a popular pleasure for residents and travelers. Its name comes from the famous monster of Lake Lögurinn, considered to be the sister of the Loch Ness monster.

Whether hunting for reindeer, gees or ptarmigan, the chances are high. Trout fishing is widely possible, and salmonfishing is available in several rivers in the neghbourhood.

The transportation connections are optimal and frequent all year round. A domestic airport and substituted airport for international flight is located in Egilsstaðir with only one hour's flight from Reykjavík and a mere two hours flight from Europe.