Skaftafell National Park, westernmost estate in Öræfi built high on the southern slopes of Skaftafellsheiði moor because of the destructive forces of Skeiðará.

Extensive birch woods, rich vegetation (Saxifraga cotyledon, Campanula rotundifolia etc. etc.), gullies, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers and valleys.

Extensive and varied view from the view-dial at Sjónsker. In 1967 the land of Skaftafell was purchased by the state and made into a National Park because of the great variety of natural beauty.

On the sands at the foot of the slope there is a tourist centre. A visitor centre with a special Nature Conservation Agency exhibition rooms are located in the sandy area at the foot of the slope of Skaftafell Mountain, where information about the features and history of the area is available for tourists.