A (60 m) a waterfall in the river Skógaá, one of the highest in Iceland. There are many other falls further up in the river.

Legend has it that the settler Þrasi hid his chest of gold under Skógafoss.

Skógar, presently the site of a school and formerly of a major farm. There was also a church here until the year 1890.

Ytri-Skógar is the location of the Rangár and Vestur-Skaftafell Rural Museum. The latest gem of the museum at Skógar is Skógar Church, built in 19th century style using material from decommissioned churhes in nearby counties.

The chief attraction of the Museum, and no doubt its most historically valuable asset, is the eight-oar fishing boat Pétursey, Icelands best-kown boat of its kind.